Healthcare Solution

We are a member of Reem Trading LLLC and affiliated with a diverse set of businesses and institutions in the UAE. Reem Healthcare Solutions delivers high quality health solutions to ensure the protection of businesses and individuals alike. We are driven to ensure all communities can live and prosper in a health-conscious and safe manner. Our wide range of products cater to all and include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitizing and disinfecting products, thermometers, thermal scanners, complete sanitization gates and power of Artificial Intelligence designed tailored solutions for Mask detection, Crowd detection, people counting, Queue detection & Space utilization

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We are wholesalers of all types of Therapeutic Drugs, Anesthetic Drugs, and Laboratory Medicines from all around the world. We arrange the drugs as per the required specifications.

It’s include Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic.

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Medical Equipment

We manufacture and supply Hospital Furniture, Orthopedic Implants, Anesthesia Products, Autoclaves, Suction Machines, Lab ware etc. In fact we have widest range of products for hospitals, doctors & clinics, surgeons and patients at home. We sell to distributors / wholesalers all over the world who sell our products in their local markets. More information please contact us

“A High-Quality Healthcare Requires High Quality Products“